Conference Presentations

Available online or for purchase (no funds are paid to Jodilyn, all go to the organizing group)

Jodilyn Owen LM, CPM, Nikia Grayson, CNM, DNP, Functional Medicine for Midwifery.  MANA (2017) coming soon

Jodilyn Owen, LM, CPM, presents Communication and Collaborative Care: A Win-Win-Win Perspective. (2014)

Jodilyn Owen, LM, CPM, presents, Founding the Rainier Valley
Community Clinic (2015)

Jodilyn Owen: Midwifery From the Inside Out (2010)

Jodilyn Owen: The Childbirth Educator and/ or Doula Who Trusts Birth (2010)

Jodilyn Owen: Tricks of the Trade for Doulas and Birth Workers (2010)

Jodilyn Owen: Newborn Assessment for Midwives (2010)

Jodilyn Owen: Childbirth Educator and Doula Who Trusts Birth (2008)

Jodilyn Owen: Trust Birth Paradigm & Doula Clients (2008)