Conference Presentations

Available online or for purchase (no funds are paid to Jodilyn, all go to the organizing group)

Jodilyn Owen, LM, CPM, presents Communication and Collaborative Care: A Win-Win-Win Perspective. (2014)

Jodilyn Owen, LM, CPM, presents, Founding the Rainier Valley
Community Clinic (2015)

Jodilyn Owen: Midwifery From the Inside Out (2010)

Jodilyn Owen: The Childbirth Educator and/ or Doula Who Trusts Birth (2010)

Jodilyn Owen: Tricks of the Trade for Doulas and Birth Workers (2010)

Jodilyn Owen: Newborn Assessment for Midwives (2010)

Jodilyn Owen: Childbirth Educator and Doula Who Trusts Birth (2008)

Jodilyn Owen: Trust Birth Paradigm & Doula Clients (2008)