Social Justice & Midwifery

Midwifery meets families where they are at.  It crosses socio-economic lines while providing the same high quality, individualized care for all.  It recognizes the social determinants of health and addresses mothers without guilt, shame, or fear.  It recognizes the need of every human being to be heard, understood, and felt in their healthcare.  It sees the starting point as unique for each family and conforms to the goals and desires of the families in care.  Midwives operate outside the larger healthcare system but as partners with it.  We offer care on individualized terms, never requiring a parent to miss work or leave children to come to an appointment.  It is a family affair and everyone will have a role and purpose in the progression of pregnancy, birth, and the early time together.  Midwives bring parents and babies together–they are seen as one.  The language and behavior of your midwife will reflect this paradigm.  Partners are welcome and learn how to feel where baby is, listen to the heart beat and develop support that works best for them.

Midwives are welcoming to all, provide care that is relevant to the life and needs of each family, and is truly dedicated to partnering with families as they explore, develop knowledge, and make decisions in their healthcare.

Midwives are trained in all obstetrical emergencies and have finely-tuned skills to address them if and when they arise.  Yet, midwives practice from a place that trusts women’s bodies and babies as real experts in this process of pregnancy and birth.  Women have been carrying and birthing children since the beginning of humanity, and for nearly all of that time other women have learned the art and science of supporting their physical and emotional health to acheive excellent outcomes in all communities across the world.