Midwifery is the confluence of love and justice and healthcare…

My name is Jodilyn Owen.

Please review my CV and let me know how we can work together.  I am passionate about the intersection of social justice and healthcare, and find that midwives do great work on the front lines of public health.  I am dedicated to creating meaningful connections for community-based perinatal healthcare and the larger healthcare system.  Most of all, I love mothers and babies and believe that they have the right to healthcare that meets them where they are at, suits their cultural and social needs and gets life with new baby started from a place of health and strength.

Contact me with questions or comments, I look forward to talking with you!

Author: Midwifery

Jodilyn is a licensed midwife (WA, TN) and certified professional midwife. Recently relocated to Memphis, TN, and passionate about the intersection of social justice and perinatal healthcare. She owned Essential Birth & Family Center in South Seattle's Seward Park neighborhood. She is co-founder of South Seattle Women's Health Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing midwifery-led maternity care in a collaborative community-based setting and to increasing capacity within the community to support healthy birth and breastfeeding practices.