Jodilyn Owen, LCPM

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I am a Licensed, Certified, Professional Midwife with my masters degree in Maternal Child Health System.

I am currently working as the Clinical Director and a Licensed Midwife at Rainier Valley Midwives and Community Clinic.

I offer consultations for:

  • medical and midwifery programs of education to create interprofessional education opportunities between schools
  • medical and midwifery providers who want to change their practice to a continuity of carer model
  • midwifery students in their final year of education looking to design a professional life of meaning before they jump in.

I offer the unique Cesarean and VBAC Eval Program (CVEP) for parents who have experienced a cesarean and/or are planning a VBAC.

Most of all, I believe in the power of the relationship between parents and babies and that they have the right to healthcare that meets them where they are at through a social, economic, and culturally relevant experience. My goal as a midwife is to help parents greet their new baby from a place of physical and emotional health and strength.

Contact me with questions or comments, I look forward to talking with you!

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